Vermont Books, Vermont Authors

Taking a cue, and a phrase from one of my favorite Seven Days features, Page 32, here are a few "Newish Books by Vermonters."

  • Robert Buckeye, author of five works of fiction about Puerto Rico, the Kent Stae shootings, Edvard Munch, Bratislava, plus a novel and a study of the novelist Ann Quin and a collection of criticism, has written another compelling book of prose, fictional and nonfictional, OMBRES CHINOISE, which one reviewer described as "a testament to...Buckeye's ability to craft a truly honest and powerfully real piece of fiction."
  • Randy Kritkausky, founder of ECOLOGIA and research scholar at Middlebury College, has written a powerful story of spiritual awakening, reconnection with Nature, and rekindling of ancestral wisdom, WITHOUT RESERVATION.
  • Tara L. Affolter, Associate Professor of Education Studies at Middlebury College, recently wrote THROUGH THE FOG: Towards Inclusive Anti-Racist Teaching, which aims to take into account the deeply human dimensions of inclusive anti-racist teaching, while drawing attention to the threat of burnout, inviting closer inspection of curricula development, and exploring tangible ways to sustain this important work for teaching. 
  • Royal C. Darrah wrote CHARLIE AND THE CHAMP, a fictional tale of the bonding between an orphan boy and Lake Champlain's legendary sea monster, Champ.

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