VBS/Ilsley Library Vermont Authors Series

In January of 2023, Becky and RenĂ©e Ursitti, Ilsley's Adult Services Librarian, joined forces to estabish a regular, monthly series of author events featuring Vermonters. We have presented poets, memoirist, novelists, and writers of narrative nonfiction. On this page, you will find the names and titles of previous presenters, as well as a tentative listing of future guests. Events occurring within the next 30-60 days will appear on our home page as links to detailed event pages. 

These events, as a rule, take place on the first Tuesday of each month at the Library, in either the community room or the research room. But with every rule comes exceptions. From time to time we need to move things around, so please double check the event web page (linked on our home page!) so as not to be disappointed by a locked door or empty room!

Past Presenters:

Jack Mayer, poet  

Jo Congdon, novelist

Meg Madden, mycology educator and photographer

Matt Hongoltz-Hettling, journalist

Leslie Smith, memoirist

Brendan Buckley, biographer

James Crews, poet and essayist

Genevieve Plunkett, novelist

Joe Roman, conservation biologist

Gary Margolis & Ari Moulton, poets

Future Presenters:

Jackie Tuxill, memoirst

Rick Winston, film critic

George Bellerose, photographer/ethnographer











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