I read a large variety of fiction, ranging from speculative fiction to romance. I'm particularly drawn to books with Greek mythology roots, or deal with magic in any way. 

Call Us What We Carry: Poems Cover Image
ISBN: 9780593465066
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Viking Books - December 7th, 2021

Amanda Gorman could easily be considered one of the most influential voices of our generation. In her first book of poetry, she does a beautiful job of blending prose and rhythm to give the reader a book that will make them laugh, cry, and contemplate the world - and the country - that we live in. This is a beautiful book and I truly believe anybody and everybody has something to gain from reading it.

The Secret History (Vintage Contemporaries) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781400031702
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Vintage - April 13th, 2004

Intellectually stimulating, visually appealing and a thriller for the ages, The Secret History is incomparable. Based in an imaginary town in Vermont, this book follows the story of college kids from out of state as they explore the classics, pagan practices, and even death. This book is incredibly difficult to put down and as a bonus, it has all kinds of references to "Vermonters" and the state we love so dearly. 

In the Time of the Butterflies Cover Image
ISBN: 9781565129764
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Algonquin Books - January 12th, 2010

There's historical fiction and then there's fictionalized history and the latter is how I would describe Alvarez's astounding work about the Mirabal sisters. Spanning decades and including the voices of all four sisters, this book captures your attention and makes you feel as though you're right there with the Mirabals. Including everything from love and romance to betrayal and revolution, this essential work is sure to make an impact on you and the way you view the world. 

Ariadne: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250773586
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Flatiron Books - May 4th, 2021

For those who are familiar with Greek mythology and for those who aren't, Ariadne is an incredible read. Following the lives of forgotten women of Greek myths, Ariadne brings light to these women and the sacrifices they made. Saint does an incredible job of taking the mythology and turning it into prose, where you can keep ample track of the characters and the troubles they face. 

The Song of Achilles: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062060624
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Ecco - August 28th, 2012

The Iliad meets Call Me By Your Name in this touching tale by Madeline Miller about the best of the Greeks - Achilles Pelides - and his beloved companion, Patroclus. Miller's eloquent writing will have you re-reading the same phrase or sentence just to appreciate the beauty of her words. Whether or not you're familiar with Greek mythology, this book will leave you breathless.

A Deadly Education: A Novel (The Scholomance #1) Cover Image
ISBN: 9780593128503
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Del Rey - May 4th, 2021

This is the book about a dark school of magic that I didn't know I needed. Naomi Novik's protagonist, named after a Lord of the Rings character, is rude and angry but you can't help but root for her. Novik has taken the trope of lovable hero and flipped the script in an incredibly intriguing manner. I simply couldn't put this book down. 

The Last Graduate: A Novel (The Scholomance #2) Cover Image
ISBN: 9780593128862
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Del Rey - September 28th, 2021

The sequel to Novik's A Deadly Education is just as good, if not better, than the first book. In the second installment of the Scholomance series, we see many familiar faces and are introduced to some new characters as well. Novik does an excellent job of developing her characters and moving the plot along while keeping the reader intrigued and on edge. Once again, it was hard to focus on anything other than reading this book.

The Midnight Library: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780525559474
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Viking - September 29th, 2020

I think this may have been the fastest I've read a book in years. Matt Haig's writing flows so freely and this story is so incredibly captivating, you won't want to put it down. The Midnight Library is a beautiful story that everyone should read. I can confidently say that if you read this book you will gain a much greater appreciation for the life you have.

Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch Cover Image
ISBN: 9780060853976
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: William Morrow Paperbacks - August 7th, 2007

Hilarity and chaos ensues in this collaborative novel from two of the best science fiction writers in recent history. Following a variety of story lines about angels, demons, horsemen, and humans alike; Good Omens encapsulates the events of the apocalypse as Gaiman and Pratchett imagine it. This book is a must read for fans of British comedy and science fiction.

Lore Olympus: Volume One Cover Image
ISBN: 9780593356074
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Del Rey - November 2nd, 2021

Rachel Smythe does a fantastic job of blending the modern world with ancient Greek mythos. In this interpretation of the story of Hades and Persephone, Smythe expertly weaves together plenty of different myths and provides an interesting look at the Greek gods. Her artwork is beautiful and is only enhanced by her storytelling abilities. Content warning: Lore Olympus regularly deals with themes such as trauma, abuse, and sexual assault. 

Beautiful World, Where Are You: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780374602604
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Farrar, Straus and Giroux - September 7th, 2021

Rooney's latest novel is filled to the brim with beautiful prose, realistic dialogue, and topical references. Rooney wonderfully weaves together ongoing existential crises with character relationships that are difficult not to relate to. Her accuracy of the world and the people in it is astounding, and her writing just adds to the experience.

Circe Cover Image
ISBN: 9780316556323
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Back Bay Books - April 14th, 2020

Madeline Miller's storytelling abilities are astounding. Spanning thousands upon thousands of years, telling the story of the Greek witch, Circe is a daunting task that Miller executes flawlessly. This books is one of my all-time favorites and does a beautiful job of giving a voice to one of the most mysterious characters from The Odyssey. 

The Handmaid's Tale: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780385490818
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Anchor - March 16th, 1998

Margaret Atwood's writing is absolutely chilling and far too accurate for my liking. Despite being published in 1985, Atwood's descriptions of how women were - and are - treated in this novel hits incredibly close to home. Ironically, this book has also been banned by multiple institutions and if you're anything like me, that simply adds to the appeal.