June Dream Loaf

Bread Loaf Writers’ Conferences, founded in 1926 and boasting a rich literary and intellectual tradition, gathers together emerging writers and translators to work closely with a diverse and talented faculty. Dream Loaf is a special week of free programming that will include a curated selection of lectures and readings pulled from archives along with some live events. Dream Loaf, June 9 to 14, will feature some of the following writers and translators (click on their name for available books):


Eloisa Amezcua 
Megan Mayhew Bergman 
Susan Bernofsky 
Jennifer Chang
Camille Dungy 
Mónica de la Torre 
Edward Gauvin 
Allison Grimaldi Donahue
Jennifer Grotz 
Bill Johnston
Robin Wall Kimmerer 
Larissa Kyzer 
J. Drew Lanham 
Elizabeth Lowe
Helen Macdonald
Bill McKibben
Laura Marris
Christopher Merrill
Idra Novey  
Emily Raboteau
Ginger Strand
Luis Alberto Urrea
Emily Wilson



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