The Armagnac Vineyard (Paperback)

The Armagnac Vineyard By Van DIMI Cover Image
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This is the #3 Isidore Ducasse, Private sleuth Mystery Noir series. Isidore gets a secretary, (they all had one ) and takes a pro bono case to help a friend and while unraveling it, it becomes an armagnac connoisseur It's a Noir fiction novel with all the old-fashioned Noir ingredients. (Been watching too many movies lately). First, there's this hard-boiled Private Dick with the catchy name, out of the same mould as so many before him. Without help in his first two novels, he comes up with a 2m. tall secretary in this one, Norma, who has probably come to stay. The case is a pro bono request of one of Mamie's-clan-members and an old friend, who appears in the first book "The Mechanic's wife" for the first time. Pure Noir intrigue along with a family drama, femmes fatales, blue collar crime, revenge, betrayal, flash-backs and flash-forwards ( ) with the accidental secretary indirectly involved in the plot. Too much music with it along with some movie pictures this time let alone the Opera and the Absurd theatre. Pulp fiction educative entertainment and not only about music. The armagnac beverage and its long history if nothing else, might send you to a liquor-store to buy a bottle.By all means, this is a fictional story and any resemblance with real persons and facts is unintentionally coincidental. The idea of a 4th book, just the idea, is slowly cooking.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798500011398
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: May 6th, 2021
Pages: 270
Language: English

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