Roxane: Youth, idealism and passion in Paris of the 60's (Paperback)

Roxane: Youth, idealism and passion in Paris of the 60's By Paul Sieger Cover Image
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The 60's: a beautiful French singer arrives late on the stage of a summer fete in the London suburbs, entering the life of Caspar, a boy in his budding manhood.The 12-year-old boy is at once enchanted by the alluring singer, Juniper (31). Even more by the futuristic Citro n DS19, which she drives, when he meets her again, shortly after that summer night. Adult men, like his father, try to reign her in. To no avail, but throughout his puberty Caspar's dreams continue to be filled with the sound of her voice, while images of her as she sings, merge with images of the DS, which he is determined to drive himself, one day.
Five years pass, when, finishing school at 18, Caspar visits Paris with his friends and searches for the singer, finding her in an old Traction Avant. He decides to take up his studies in Paris and she encourages him. Now a young adult, the fire of passion reawakens. Caspar does everything to conquer Juniper and he follows her to an old estate, a 'chateau' in the country side.
When her faithful Traction breaks down, his first objective is to buy her a DS19; the irresistible seduction. His quest for finance leads him into dire straits, from which he narrowly escapes, and with her help. Alas, only after a fleet of howling police DS-ses have chased Caspar, in a stolen Mercedes, to his defeat.

The title 'Roxane' refers to the DS, as much as on the heroine of the classical play about 'Cyrano de Bergerac', with whom the young hero identifies in his love for the singer.

Product Details
ISBN: 9789083181400
ISBN-10: 9083181405
Publisher: Breakstone Publishing
Publication Date: August 11th, 2021
Pages: 234
Language: English

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