The Last Princess of Saint-Domingue (Beautifully Unbroken #2) (Paperback)

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The Last Princess of Saint-Domingue

She is the King's principal wife, a Queen of the highest rank in the small African village. Hers is the admiration and respect from the villagers, especially from Mamma, the local shaman.

Mamma sees trouble coming. She hears the whispers in the twilight. She notices the subtle change of the wind. The ancestors' calls. They chant to her. Beckon her. Instruct her on what to do when the trouble comes.

The Queen learns of the news from Mamma, but is un-phased by Mamma's warnings. Instead, the Queen chooses to focus on her growing womb. On that precious seed that is slowly forming and developing into the girl child that the Queen prays for.

Mamma presses upon the Queen. Big trouble. It is coming. Soon. Trouble that will bring life and death. Trouble that will destroy and rebuild. Trouble that will take many years to heal.

To the Queen's dismay, the trouble arrives in the form of French slave merchants. They burn. They kill. They steal.

Mamma and the Queen suffer fatal destruction by the French slave merchants. But only after the Queen gives birth to the promised girl child. An unlikely, yet obedient village woman takes the girl child and momentarily escapes. Soon the child and her new foster mother become merciless products, dark-skin living goods whipped and shackled and cobbled into the hull of a crude slave ship.

Landing in Saint-Domingue, the girl child, Bibi, is met with a peculiar land and people. She suffers through the perils of slavery on a sugarcane plantation. Yet as France's call for revolution grows louder, the Saint-Domingue slaves grow restless.

Bibi soon joins the rallying cry. Through passion, strife, and loss, Bibi lives to see the day where she becomes the last princess of Saint-Domingue and the first daughter of Haiti.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781945891038
ISBN-10: 1945891033
Publisher: May 3rd Books, Inc.
Publication Date: September 25th, 2016
Pages: 236
Language: English
Series: Beautifully Unbroken

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