Being Davanté (Beautifully Unbroken #1) (Paperback)

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Being Davant

Davant Williams senses his mother slipping away. As her only child, he can easily discern between the usual buoyancy of his mother's spirit and the now weakened trace that is leaving. Davant 's skin prickles as the shadows of loneliness threaten. He cannot lose her now. He is too young. Barely seventeen. An almost-man.

Mother moves on, leaving Davant to struggle with grief. He shuffles through his last senior classes like a ghost trapped between two realities. In one, he must muster his energies to prepare his senior project for graduation. In the other reality, he reminisces over his mother and wonders about her secretive and tragic past.

Love keeps Davant afloat despite his trials. The love of true friendship. Family. Perfect strangers. His art: the colorful graphic works made from his hands. All work to hold Davant in place.

That is, until his mysterious father surfaces. A man of a dark past. An ex-convict. A rumored murderer. Davant 's father swiftly becomes a thorn in Davant 's side. His father wants to amend and make new, but Davant is having none of it.

He lashes out. He rebels. He pushes his father away. Love, he cannot push away so readily. It wraps itself around Davant again, reminding him of who is, where he is from, and where he should be going.

Eventually, Davant learns to forgive. He learns to love. He learns to live anew.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781945891007
ISBN-10: 1945891009
Publisher: May 3rd Books, Inc.
Publication Date: September 25th, 2016
Pages: 220
Language: English
Series: Beautifully Unbroken

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