The Torch Singer, Book One: An Overnight Sensation (Paperback)

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"Robert Westbrook's novel strips the gilt off the Hollywood Golden Age to reveal the seamier underside. 'The Torch Singer' begins with an ending, a scene of murder and mayhem on St. Valentine's Night in 1956 Beverly Hills and unravels the many and various threads of the lives and careers that took them there."
Time Out

"The Torch Singer" is a sweeping historical saga that takes the reader from the horrors of Nazi-occupied Poland to the glittery excesses of Hollywood in the 1940s and 50s: the rise and fall of Sonya Saint-Amant, a singer who schemes her way to fame and glory breaking all the rules.

Book One, "An Overnight Sensation", charts the rise of Sonya from the age of 17 in 1940, a girl dreaming of being an understudy at the Krakow Opera when Nazis raid the theater. After witnessing the summary execution of her mother by German soldiers she escapes Poland and makes her way to London. Using guile and beauty, she finds passage to America in 1943 on the "Mauretania", a dangerous North Atlantic crossing on a troop ship full of men. As the ship steams north into Arctic waters evading enemy submarines, Sonya almost wins at a high-stakes game of love . . . only to arrive in New York alone and desperate but determined to become a star.

"A masterpiece of storytelling. A book of constant intrigue which from the outset creates that delicious paradox of it being immediately clear that nothing is ever quite as it seems." Daily Mail

"Robert Westbrook is a born storyteller and a bit of a magician."
Ally Sheedy

"The Torch Singer" is an unforgettable journey through the shadowlands of fame.

About the Author

ROBERT WESTBROOK grew up in the world of which he writes. The child of Hollywood parents in the Golden Age he brings the period alive with insight, humor, and an insider's knowledge of show business. He is the author of two critically-acclaimed mystery series, including "Ancient Enemy", nominated for a Shamus Award as the Best P.I. Novel of 2002, and "Intimate Lies", a memoir detailing the relationship between his mother, Hollywood Columnist Sheilah Graham and the author F. Scott Fitzgerald which was published by HarperCollins in 1995. His first novel, "The Magic Garden of Stanley Sweetheart", was made into an MGM motion picture. Much of Robert Westbrook's backlist is in the process of being reissued. "An Overnight Sensation" is the first book in his epic "Torch Singer" trilogy. The second book, "An Almost Perfect Ending" is being released in September 2014.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781926499000
ISBN-10: 192649900X
Publisher: Swan's Nest Canada
Publication Date: August 30th, 2014
Pages: 362
Language: English

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