Fourth Party Logistics: Is It the Future of Supply Chain Outsourcing? (Paperback)

Fourth Party Logistics: Is It the Future of Supply Chain Outsourcing? By S. Kutlu Cover Image
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ISBN 978 1 846930577
Published: 2007
Pages: 130
Fourth Party Logistics: Is It The Future Of Supply Chain Chain Outsourcing?

About the Author

Serafettin was born in Turkey and has a Bsc. Finance degree. He then came to Manchester, UK to further his education in Master's level. He is a recent graduate of the University of Salford with an Msc. International Business.

He understands that globalisation affects everyone. He is one of the few people that can forward think changes, and understands that the complex nature of 4PL, will make the world a smaller place. He believes that value adding should be the initial focus for every business model, not only for 4PL, and utilising 4PL will significantly help achieve this initial focus. That's why he is passionate about this new wave in supply chain outsourcing.

He is a person that can refocus companies. He is the sort of person that consultant companies would charge their clients 7,000 a day for. He is among the few that understand 4PL. This book is written as a single case study, focusing on leading edge technology to assist the reader in understanding 4PL.

About this Book This book is for those who are looking to know all about Fourth Party Logistics (4PL).

This book is produced using 4PL methods, printed in print runs of one plus books in three global centers and delivered directly or indirectly throughout the supply chain.

Describing 4PL is like describing the offside rule. However, once you understand the principles it really is simple. You can then understand why some corporate companies become lean companies just holding IPR and Trademarks, with very little in turnover, however high GP and NP along with exceptional earnings per head compared to the industry Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

This is an educational and practical book that starts to address how 4PL can change your business. There are a number of other books out there that are too sterile in their approach. The author approached 80 consulting companies only one would put its head up to be counted.

This book will reveal to you the, who, why and where and without doubt get every Finance Director within different companies asking if they can use 4PL. The book covers the client, the outsource provider and the consultancy company that sold the solution and made it work. 'Fourth Party Logistics' is less of a case study and more of a real practical business guide. The consultancy company in the book was the only one to put their experience to the test.

Serafettin Kutlu has much to bring to the party and really does know his stuff.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781846930577
ISBN-10: 184693057X
Publisher: Best Global Publishing
Publication Date: January 1st, 2007
Pages: 136
Language: English

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