Mitochondrial Eves (Hardcover)

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In the infinite voids of space, time had no meaning. No today. No yesterday. Suddenly, a gargantuan explosion tore through this nothingness. This caused the universe to be conceived and it spawned Leaffe, a supernatural being. She oversaw the creation of the universe and the creation of planets. On one planet, Zula, the people had advanced to such an extent that they overpopulated the planet by banning religions and the concomitant wars. This increased greenhouse gasses through the overuse of industry and the planet was heading for self-destruction. A space station, Haven, was built to house a select group, so their race would survive. When aliens, led by Shaitan, attacked the space station, Leaffe intervened. She helped a group of children to escape in the newly built spaceship Ark, which had been built on Haven using green technology. The crew on Ark travelled in D-stasis cocoons and did not age. This allowed Leaffe to take the Ark to a solar system many light-years away. Using the Ark's advanced technology, Leaffe subtly persuaded them to change the orbit of a planet closer to the sun, creating planet Earth. By leaving their cocoons only for short periods, they were able to observe and take part in the evolution of Earth from the dawn of the dinosaurs to Homo sapiens. Three of them stayed with the sapiens, but Shaitan arrived, with devastating consequences. The Ark returned thousands of years later, finding some frightening facts about Shaitan and that there was more than one Mitochondrial Eve.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781682358245
ISBN-10: 1682358240
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
Publication Date: April 4th, 2023
Pages: 464
Language: English

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