The Sawners of Chandler: A Pioneering Power Couple in Pre-Civil Rights Oklahoma (Paperback)

The Sawners of Chandler: A Pioneering Power Couple in Pre-Civil Rights Oklahoma By Hannibal Johnson Cover Image
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Juxtaposed against the grim realities of black life at the turn of the twentieth century, the lives of George and Lena Sawner shone like the blazing sun on an oven-hot August day in Oklahoma. Educated, professional, and economically stable--well-off by most standards--the Sawners lived the American dream, accompanied, periodically, by nightmarish reminders of the realities of race.

The couple owned a home, rental property, stocks, businesses, and two cars. They hobnobbed with local, state, and national dignitaries. They vacationed in faraway places like Montreal, Canada. The Sawners excelled in their respective spheres and claimed the social, political, and economic accoutrements commensurate with their successes. Material trappings and stature aside, the Sawners never severed their roots.

Despite their undeniable attainments, the Sawners, like other African Americans in Oklahoma, often swam against the current, regularly battling waves of bigotry and intolerance. Reminiscent of the Jim Crow South, the political waters in Oklahoma, particularly as they cascaded over racial matters, became increasingly contaminated.

This is their story--a tale of triumph amidst a backdrop of tragedy. George and Lena Sawner lived and, through their living, enhanced and enriched our lives in ways great and small.

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ISBN: 9781681791180
ISBN-10: 1681791188
Publisher: Eakin Press
Publication Date: March 30th, 2018
Pages: 266
Language: English

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