Yo Mama Jokes: The Huge Yo Momma Joke Book: Even Yo Mama Will Be Laughing (Paperback)

Yo Mama Jokes: The Huge Yo Momma Joke Book: Even Yo Mama Will Be Laughing By Jenny Kellett Cover Image
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Yo Mama Jokes

Following on from the best-selling The Ultimate Yo Mama Joke Book is Yo Mama Jokes: The Huge Book of Yo Momma Jokes, updated for 2017

Cram-packed full of only the best hand-picked yo mama jokes, this joke book for kids is the perfect way to insult momma's wherever you go. You'll feel bad for laughing, but you just can't help it

Included in Yo Mama Jokes: The Huge Book of Yo Momma Jokes are all your favorite yo momma joke categories, including:

  • Yo momma is so fat...
  • Yo momma is so ugly...
  • Yo momma is so dumb...
  • Yo momma is so hairy...
  • Yo momma is so stupid...

And many more....

Want a taster of what you'll be laughing at very shortly?
  • Yo mama is so fat that the National Weather Service names each of her farts
  • Yo mama is so ugly she has to creep up on water to get a drink
  • Yo mama is so dumb when dad said it's chilly outside she brought a spoon and a bowl
  • Yo mama is so fat that she had to go to Seaworld to get baptized
  • Yo mama is so dumb she got fired from the M&M factory for throwing away the W's

...and hundreds more of the best and funniest yo momma jokes

All jokes are clean, so the book is suitable for kids at parents' discretion.

So if you're ready to laugh (and maybe even cry ), scroll up and click Buy Now to own the biggest and best yo mama joke book on Amazon.

About the Author

Jenny Kellett is a leading non-fiction author based in Melbourne, Australia. She has published dozens of best-selling joke books for kids and spends hours each day compiling some of the world's most hilarious jokes. Not a bad job, hey? Her favorite jokes are yo mama jokes, which is clear to see in her latest joke book release: Yo Mama Jokes: The Huge Yo Momma Joke Book. All the yo mama jokes are designed with older kids in mind, so they are light-hearted and make for the perfect joke book for kids, with parents' discretion. Check out Jenny's other joke books for kids and adults on her Author Central page and subscribe to stay up-to-date on for free giveaways each month!

Product Details
ISBN: 9781530111268
ISBN-10: 1530111269
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: February 18th, 2016
Pages: 66
Language: English

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