Suicide Blonde (Paperback)

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Axis Stone has been hired by beautiful Lola Lovejoy to find her sexy lounge singer twin sister, Kitty. But this is no ordinary gig for the young PI more familiar with nickel and dime local cases for his bread and butter - this is a kidnapping of international importance in one of the crime capitals of the world: Manila in the Philippines. Having to troll sleazy girlie bars in the red light district of Manila for leads, the haunt of kidnapers, drug lords and racketeers, Axis could easily meet a shadowy death and no one would ever know it. The odds of solving the kidnapping get even higher when he discovers he's up against a bent cop on the take and his partner Ringo Raye, the biggest drug lord in South East Asia. Together they have built a crime empire that is above the law and beyond suspicion. Is he out of his depth? This is a city where life is cheap - where a couple of hundred bucks buys a hit on anyone, and where a flash of a credit card buys you anything you want. Every car has a gun under the front seat - this town after dark is not for the faint hearted. A tenacious, tough, handsome, streetwise Aussie with a lethal left hook, a sharp tongue, and an education from the pool halls of life, Axis has only one weakness to speak of: a taste for beautiful women ... and this time he finds himself in a town loaded with treats ... but he soon learns the price they come for.

About the Author

Gary Keady (A/K/A Canon Doyle) is a writer, producer, director, film editor and composer with a range of credits in television, film, sound recordings and composing. Gary has owned and operated independent record labels and film production companies in several countries. He has worked in executive management and creative positions in South East Asian, USA and UK media companies. He has created original programming and formats, and has successfully sold his own work around the world. Broadcasters include Star TV Hong Kong, RTN 9 Philippines, SBS Singapore, and Briz 31 Australia. Gary wrote and directed the award winning Australian feature film 'Sons of Steel', and the 52 episode international television series 'P-Max'. 'Sons of Steel' premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 1989 and later won critical acclaim with official selection at the 7th Brussels International Festival of Fantastic Film.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780692667859
ISBN-10: 0692667857
Publisher: New Pulp Press
Publication Date: March 22nd, 2016
Pages: 218
Language: English

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