Prometheus' Priestess (Paperback)

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A heartbreaking new novel, with Greek mythology and romance, perfect for fans of Madeline Miller's A Song of Achilles, Scarlett St. Clair's A Touch of Darkness, or Molly Tullis' Consort of Darkness: Greek Gods Romance.

Every stupid thing anyone has ever done has been done for power, or love ... or love of power. The Gods are no exception.

Athena has been told by the Fates that humanity is on the brink of extinction. Unbelieving in magic or gods, the insidious fear within the humans will drive them to their demise.

Only a priestess sent by the Gods can save them.

Prometheus, creator of the humans and bearer of foresight, is adamant that sending the priestess to Earth will cause more harm than good. He has no intention of aiding the goddesses' plan; Fates be damned. He also has no intention of falling in love.

When he steals white fire, a symbol of the Gods' knowledge, and gives it to the priestess ... the Fates align. Humanity will never be the same again. A new era will begin.

But at what cost to those involved?

Gwyneth Lesley's "Prometheus' Priestess" is the first standalone novel in the Femme Fatale series "that will sweep you off your feet before crashing back down to Earth as it delves into the human condition with staggering accuracy."

"Prometheus' Priestess" is a modern-day Greek mythology retelling containing themes of sexual assault.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780473586874
ISBN-10: 0473586878
Publisher: Outspoken Ink Press
Publication Date: December 12th, 2021
Pages: 298
Language: English

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